Digital circuit control 1. Nondirectional-------They are suitable for all sorts of access control system.(in-swinging door or out-swinging door) 2.Saving power ---- the power consumption is 10% lower than electric rim lock &EM lock 3.Lowest friction ---- because the intelligent lock can work by sensor, but the electric rim lock work by pressure. 4.No any request to door closer------When lock, the deadbolt can’t hit the door. 5.No noise---- There are almost no friction between the door and the lock when it locks automatically. Electronic Rim Door Lock ▲ Electric performance Normal voltage: 9-12VDC/AC Work current: 1.5-3A Consumption power: 10W Electricity status: discontinuously supply current, power supply no more than 8 seconds Operation time: 0.5 seconds at 12V Current draw: 0.27A at 12VDC Life warranty: one year or 120000 times operation Pressure in normal: 10000N Temp. range: -40℃~+50℃ Regulated and filtered voltage: DC500V(one minute)