Door Lock

Digital circuit control
1. Nondirectional——-They are suitable for
all sorts of access control system.(in-swinging door or out-swinging door)
2.Saving power —- the power consumption is 10% lower than electric rim lock &EM lock
3.Lowest friction —- because the intelligent lock can work by sensor, but the electric rim lock work by pressure.
4.No any request to door closer——When lock, the deadbolt can’t hit the door.
5.No noise—- There are almost no friction between the door
and the lock when it locks automatically.

Electronic Rim Door Lock
▲ Electric performance
Normal voltage: 9-12VDC/AC
Work current: 1.5-3A
Consumption power: 10W
Electricity status: discontinuously supply current, power supply no more than 8 seconds
Operation time: 0.5 seconds at 12V
Current draw: 0.27A at 12VDC
Life warranty: one year or 120000 times operation
Pressure in normal: 10000N
Temp. range: -40℃~+50℃
Regulated and filtered voltage: DC500V(one minute)

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