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taining materials is to have samples taken and professionally analysed - this may or may not be a service provided by the same company carryinuction materials you can often employ someone to simply sample and analyse the suspect materials. It is not advised to try to take samples yourself as it is when asbestos containing materials are disturbed that they release their fibres into the air - fibres that are invisible but can lead to potentially fatal diseases.d experienced asbestos company to perform a survey of the premises to identify construction materials suspected of containing asbestos. But do be aware that the only reliable means of accurately identifying asbestos con

Once you have confirmed the presence of an asbestos containing material you must then make a formal assessment of its condition and the chances of the material being damaged or worn in the near future, for example, if removal is required to carry out other building repairs. This will help yo

Assess the condition of the asbestos containing materialsconstructed og out the survey. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has an accreditation scheme for organisations which do asbestos surveys and a separate accreditation scheme for those performing sampling and analysis of asbestos in construction materials.

For smaller premises with relatively few different constrnly from these materials will not contain asbestos.For large premises it is more practical to employ an accredited anu to assess the risk of any asbestos fibres being release into the air.